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Junior proposals receive $600 in grants from NYIT

Posted on Wednesday, March 15, 2023 by for Awards.

The Mini-Research Grant Award (MRGA) is an initiative of the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) that rewards high school students for scientific research projects that are still in the proposal stage. This year two teams of Midwood Science juniors were selected by NYIT to receive grants totaling $600.

The duo of Diana C.F. and Jennifer F. were awarded $300 for their proposal, "The Effect of Thermal Stimulation on Body Ownership". They will be performing an updated version of the rubber hand illusion — an experiment to understand the body's sense of self.

The trio of Hailey L., Ashley C.M., and Batool K. were awarded $300 for their proposal, "Emotional Synchrony within Friendship". They plan on using EEG devices and a novel technique called hyperscanning to record the activity of multiple brains simultaneously.

Group photo holding checks
Left to Right: Mr. Glenn Elert (coordinator), Diana C.F., Jennifer F., Ashley C.M., Batool K., Hailey L., Ms. Stacy Goldstein (teacher), Dr. Robert Quinlan (principal)

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