Big list of published papers with Midwood Science coauthors

Science is a collaborative effort. No one works alone. The highest praise a mentor can give to a student is to include them as an author on a scientific paper. From 1998 to 2023, 36 Midwood Science students have seen the work they did while still in high school published in peer-reviewed journals. Four had their names appear first in the list of authors, which means they were recognized as contributing more than anyone else.

All efforts have been made to ensure this record is exhaustively complete. If anything has been overlooked, please let us know.

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Fariha Ahmed from the class of 2021 was the first author on a paper published in the 2023 volume of Electrochimica Acta. (It is rare for high school students to be listed as the first author.) He also contributed to an abstract submitted to the 2023 meeting of the Electrochemical Society. Although these items were published in 2023 they are based on work Fariha started back in 2020.

Eric Zhang from the class of 2024 was a co-author of a paper published the the 2023 volume of Fossil Record — a bulletin of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science. It is rare that students see their work officially recognized like this while still in high school. (Publication dates are frequently delayed.) Great job Eric.


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Daelah is the first author of this paper, a position that is rare for high school students.


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Nomon graduated in 2017, Jennifer in 2018, Toby in 2019.

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Kiara and Shadika graduated in 2014. Kahei graduated from Midwood in 2008 and was working with Dr. Rosenfield as student of SUNY Optometry when this experiment was conducted.


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Gabby is the first author of this paper, a position that is rare for high school students.


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Francisca and Mercy graduated in 2011, Leo in 2013.


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Two students who graduated in 2009 coauthored academic works.


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Three students who graduated in 2007 coauthored academic works.


Four students who graduated in 2005 coauthored academic works.


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Jacquline graduated in 2001 and Jessica graduated in 1999.


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