Getting Started

Assignment 3: Cover Letter

Write a "cover letter" that would be appropriate for a high school student looking for a mentor to work for as an intern/volunteer or looking for a mentor that you would like to give you guidance on a project that you are developing. Write a letter that is appropriate to your interests or goals. Write this letter even if you already have a mentor now. Write this letter whether or not you intend to work with a mentor this year. Everyone will do this assignment. Please note that even though this assignment is described as a "letter" it is actually an email. You are not going to be putting pen to paper for this assignment.

Compose a cover letter where you address the following questions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you want?

After your signature, please include a postscript (P.S.) where you indicate whether you already have a mentor, are looking for a mentor, or are not looking for a mentor. If you have a mentor or would like us to review a potential mentor(s) for you, include a link to one of their faculty or laboratory webpages. Mentors do not need to work for institutions in New York City. They can be anywhere on the planet where the time difference between them and us is not excessive.

Email your cover letter to,, or by Monday, October 16, 2023 (plain text with no attachments). Put RESEARCH HW 3 in the subject line. This directs it to the correct mailbox and keeps it from getting lost. You will not submit this assignment to Google Classroom.