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Quarantine Blog: Grading policy update

Posted on Tuesday, April 28, 2020 by for Quarantine Blog.

Midwood High School

Many people have been impacted by this coronavirus harder than others. Midwood students can find academic relief through this time through the new guidelines by Chancellor Richard Carranza and Chief Academic Officer Linda Chen. For all NY high school students: there will be traditional grades and grade point average, but there's also an option for students to choose to have a "passing" grade instead of a traditional grade, which won't impact their overall GPA. Furthermore, If some students need more time in completing their work, there will be a "Course In Progress" selection and students from 9th to 11th grade will have until January 2021 to make up work. Students can also reach out to their teachers and counselors through email if they need assistance in their academic work.

If students are bored, or want to be more involved in school activities they can right from their couch. Despite the absence of physical meetings of club members, there will be online activities and through Microsoft Teams. The clubs that have begun online activities are Badminton Club, Cultural Diversity, Drama, Girls Who Code, KJC, Mental Health Awareness Club, and UNICEF. For more information on new online student activities follow Midwood Student Council on Instagram.

Ihtsham Chaudhry (Class of 2020)