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Quarantine Blog: Announcements live on Instagram

Posted on Thursday, April 23, 2020 by for Quarantine Blog.

Members of SNL are struggling to come up with content while under quarantine. Colin Jost tried making shaving funny. Did it work? Yeah, he's Colin Jost!

If people aren't laughing, they're definitely smiling. For a lot of people, me included, it's been hard to wake up and do things. These people are showing us that they're still trying. They continue to put themselves out there to connect with us at home.

For the first week I posted announcements about how remote learning would go or recaps of emails sent by the school. Later I started getting messages from students telling me they missed hearing the announcements. So, I made a short clip of myself "doing the announcements" and posted it on my Instagram story on the second week of quarantine. It was a way to maintain morale. The responses to these short Instagram stories I do every Monday have been overwhelmingly positive. One person said "this is what I look forward to every week, hearing you speak brightens up my day." And that's exactly why I do it!

Tanisa Rahman (Class of 2020)

Similar to how the guidance counselors are checking in through Google Classroom, I come up with these weekly questions to see who's still active. I also update everyone on our online activity. We started making college commitment announcements on the senior page and also started doing Staff Spotlights.