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Quarantine Blog: Virus cleans the earth of human impact

Posted on Thursday, April 16, 2020 by for Quarantine Blog.

Quarantine, lockdown, and social distancing are currently enforced in many countries around the world. This has caused a slowdown of the economy as less people become employed, less items are produced and consumed, less services are required, and less people roam the streets. Amidst the silence, nature still speaks. As we limit our consumption of products, our production of waste, and our outdoor activities, nature has moved into our place. The earth has continued to adapt in our absence.

Air pollution has decreased drastically as factories produce less, transportation falls to a minimum, and powerplants cater to less businesses. Cities have been seen to clear of smog which reintroduces health benefits that couldn't have existed otherwise. The consequences of illegal wildlife trading and bushmeat consumption are now quite clear, reducing their prevalence and popularity. Wild boar, turkeys, deer, goats, monkeys, coyotes, pumas, and alligators have been spotted exploring the blocks. Humpback whales have been found closer to the shores of France and fish were seen to navigate the canals of Venice. Notwithstanding the destructive effects of the virus, the indirect impact it has had on nature should be cherished.

Henry Hua (Class of 2020)

Tulips blooming Manhattan skyline with clear skies