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World Science Festival needs volunteers (except on Thursday, May 31)

Posted on Tuesday, April 10, 2018 by for Extra Credit, Juniors, Seniors.

Join the World Science FestivalWSF logo for an exploration of groundbreaking discoveries, encounters with the trailblazing scientists and thinkers who are changing the world, and youth and family events that will inspire the next generation of leaders. Be a part of the largest celebration of science on the planet.

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the festival, serving as ambassadors for the World Science Festival. They are a welcoming face to visitors, chock-full of information about the Festival and its programs. Volunteers also support the many production teams that make so many compelling programs and experiences possible.

  • Be comfortable working with people of all backgrounds, ages, and levels of familiarity with science.
  • Have excellent communication skills.
  • Computer skills are a plus.
  • A background in science is an asset, but a passion for learning and sharing knowledge is key.
  • Dedication, commitment, reliability, flexibility and professionalism are essential.
  • Be at least 16 years old.

The World Science Festival takes place in all five boroughs, at more than 20 venues, over 5 days — Wednesday, May 30 through Sunday, June, 3. The World Science Festival is so important to science that people have been know to travel thousands of miles to participate. If you're reading this, you probably live within a subway's ride of every event. Click here to volunteer.

ReThink Science
World Science Festival
May 29–June 3 | New York City

Do not volunteer for anything on Thursday, May 31 since that is the day of the Midwood Science Fair. Juniors will be awarded +1 point of extra credit for each day they volunteer. Seniors will receive +5 points of regular credit.