Slide presentations for seniors

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The spring semester is full of events where you are expected to talk about your project to the public. In January, you will practice for this eventuality. All seniors will deliver a slide presentation to an audience of junior and senior research students and teachers.

The first draft of your slide deck is due the week before we leave for Winter Break — 9:00 AM Wednesday, December 14, 2022 [?]. The final draft will be due when we return from Winter Break — 9:00 AM Tuesday, January 3, 2023.

All presentations will start with a 30 second executive summary (a.k.a. an elevator pitch). Describe the essence of your project using language that can be understood by people who are generally well-educated but who are not experts in your particular scientific field. The executive summary will not be read off a slide, index card, or any other medium.

The remainder of the presentation should last 6–8 minutes. Each slide will use text sparingly (except for the reference slide at the end). All images will be the work of the student, a colleague from the lab, or a referenced scientific source. No images "from the Internet" are allowed.

Attend 3 days of the 5–10 possible days of presentations. Present on one of these days. (Students who entered the Regeneron STS need only attend on 1 day — the day they present.) You are welcome to attend extra days, but extra credit will limited. Clap politely after every presentation and try to ask each presenter at least one good question. Fill out a feedback form after every presentation. Presentations will be scheduled for period 9 in rooms 219 and A219.