Preparing for the Regeneron STS

Assignment 5: Regeneron STS Practice Application

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Student Portion: Answer all relevant questions in this pdf form to the best of your ability. Download the form to a computer and work on the downloaded version. Do not fill out this form while it is in a web browser. Save frequently and confirm that your answers have been saved. Do not print. Email the completed form to Mr. Elert before 9 AM Wednesday, February 3, 2021 [?]. Put RESEARCH HW 5 in the subject line. CC Ms. Katzoff or Ms. Mosley according to their instructions. We will discuss your answers at your first meeting in February.

Mentor Portion: Show this letter to your mentor (the person in your lab who is most familiar with your research). Explain that you will be asking them to complete a similar set of questions online with a deadline in mid-November. Return the tear off signature line to your supervising teacher at your first meeting in March. Let your mentor keep the remainder of the letter for future reference.