Preparing for NYCSEF

Assignment 7: NYCSEF Practice Application


Overview: Participation in the New York City Science and Engineering Fair (NYCSEF) is required for all seniors in Science Research. The application packet consists of an astounding 28 pages of rules and guidelines and 22 pages of forms. The list below provides a link to a local copy of every document available from the NYCSEF website identified by page number.

  1. Rules and Guidelines
  2. Signature Page
  3. Student/Project/Team Information
    1. Student/Project Information
    2. Team Information
  4. Checklist for Adult Sponsor (1)
  5. Student Checklist (1A)
  6. Project Summary (4 parts)
    1. Rationale
    2. Hypothesis(es)/Research Question(s)/Engineering Goal(s)/Expected Outcomes
    3. Research Methods/Analysis and Additional Questions
    4. References
  7. Official Project Abstract
  8. Approval Form (1B)
  9. Regulated Research Institutional/Industrial Setting Form (1C)
  10. Qualified Scientist Form (2)
  11. Risk Assessment Form (3)
  12. Human Participants Form (4)
  13. Human Informed Consent Form
  14. Vertebrate Animal Form (5A)
  15. Vertebrate Animal Form (5B)
  16. Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents Risk Assessment Form (6A)
  17. Human and Vertebrate Animal Tissue Form (6B)
  18. Continuation/Research Progression Projects Form (7)

Student Portion: Review all 21 NYCSEF forms. Determine which of three basic categories each form belongs to …

  1. forms that are solely the responsibility of the student
  2. forms that must be reviewed by the mentor
  3. forms that do not apply to your specific project

Complete as much of this cover letter as you can, print it out, and bring it to your second February meeting. DO NOT GIVE IT TO YOUR MENTOR TO SIGN YET. Your supervising teacher needs to review it for accuracy first.

Mentor Portion: Print out the forms that you will ask your mentor to fill out next year. Arrange them in order, place the completed and approved cover letter on top, and staple the whole packet together. Deliver the packet to your mentor as soon as possible. Explain that you will be asking them to complete a similar packet of forms with a deadline in mid-December. Return the tear off signature line to your supervising teacher at your first meeting after Midwinter Break. Let your mentor keep the remainder of the cover letter and the attached forms for future reference.