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24/7 Lecture: Evidence for the ability of horses to read human emotions

Posted on Sunday, May 12, 2024 by for 24/7 Lecture.

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24 seconds: 17 horses were each shown 3 photos; one of a smiling, one of an angry, and one of a sad woman. Horses express body language through putting down their head, reaching toward something, pinning ears, and left-gaze bias. They were shown the photos, and anytime they did those cues, it was recorded. Most horses responded in an expected way – the angry and sad photo caused responses associated with negative horse emotions such as pinning ears and left-gaze bias, while the happy photo caused most horses to reach toward it, which is a sign of comfort. For this reason, it’s possible to say that horses can read human emotions.

7 words: Did you know horses read human emotions?

Hamood (Class of 2024)