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15 Semifinalists at the NYC Metro JSHS, largest number ever

Posted on Wednesday, February 14, 2024 by for Awards, JSHS.

Sunday February 11 was a special day for Midwood Science. 15 students were declared Semifinalists at the New York City Metro Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS). This beats our previous record of 12 set back in 2018. JSHS is a series events held across the United States sponsored by the Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP). Semifinalists at our regional JSHS represent the top 175 science research projects in the 5 boroughs.


  • Emely Rivas
    Project: Sun magnetic activity: Statistics of solar flare and sunspot numbers
    Mentor: Dr. Daniel Groselj in the Astronomy Department at Columbia University
  • Eman Shabbir
    Project: Racial implicit bias among physicians in New York City
    Mentor: Dr. Denis Pelli in the Psychology Department at new York University
  • Huiying Chen
    Project: Shopping wisely: Navigating strategies to conquer omission neglect
    Supervising teacher: Mr. Glenn Elert
  • Chloe Wu
    Project: The effect of makeup on the perception of one's attributes
    Supervising teacher: Mr. Glenn Elert
  • Rusanna Korotich and Christian Gabelman
    Project: The effect of copper contamination in different macroalgae environments
    Mentor: Dr. Ileana Friedman in the Biology Department at CUNY Brooklyn College
  • Humayrah Hossain and Nuzhat Tabassum
    Project: The hijab's impact on hair loss
    Supervising teacher: Mr. Glenn Elert
  • Jennifer Fan and Diana Chen Feng
    Project: The effect of thermal stimulation on body ownership
    Mentor: Dr. Shimon Edelman in the Psychology Department at Cornell University
  • Batool Kamal, Ashley Castillo Mendez, and Hailey Lau
    Project: Neural synchrony within friendship
    Mentor: Dr. Richard Angle in the Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research at Columbia University
  • Victoria Ronan and Lucy Guo
    Project: The correlation between PM2.5 and working memory in adolescents
    Supervising teacher: Ms. Stacy Goldstein

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