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Brooklyn College Science Research Day

Posted on Friday, May 1, 2020 by for Brooklyn College.

Dear friends of Midwood Science,

Today would have been the 29th annual Brooklyn College Science Research Day — but you know how things have been going lately. This day has always been special to us at Midwood Science because (somewhat obviously) we are across the street from Brooklyn College, but also because (and to me more significantly) it represented the end of the science research "season".

Science has competitions much like sports do. If there's some way Midwood Science students can show off their skills, you know they are going to do it: Siemens, STS, St. Joe's, JSHS, NYCSEF, Teptu, ACT-SO, ISEF. It's a busy year full of significant events. Brooklyn College Science Research Day was our rock that anchored the research "season". In this year of 2020 we lost that rock.

Here's a string of photos from Brooklyn College Science Research Days past. These were days away from the daily grind that always felt special. When the weather was nice, it felt extra special (that and they always fed us really well).

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I would like to thank the following scientists at Brooklyn College for giving Midwood Science students an opportunity to participate in the research they do this year — no matter how short that opportunity might have been.