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Quarantine Blog: Staff spotlights

Posted on Thursday, April 23, 2020 by for Quarantine Blog.

What are Staff Spotlights? The Student Council decided to conduct interviews with Midwood's staff to make the students feel connected to the school and strengthen the online Hornet community. The idea came after a video conference with Mr. McDonnell on April 16. Before the meeting, we asked students online if they had any questions they wanted us to bring up to the Principal.

While some pertinent questions were addressed, we also asked some mundane questions, like, what shows are you binging? We were amused by the answers, I mean, what do we really know about the people we see everyday?

The following week we conducted our very first interview with Mr. Padula who volunteered to participate. It was obvious that even Mr. Padula missed the kids. He even followed up with a thank you email! The first video has received comments like, "This is better than the Kardashians". I'm excited to speak to more teachers about how they're passing time and sharing these moments as IGTVs with the rest of the community.

Tanisa Rahman (Class of 2020)

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