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Quarantine Blog: School lunch to the rescue

Posted on Friday, April 10, 2020 by for Quarantine Blog.

In light of the rapid spread and dangerous symptoms of COVID-19, Mayor DeBlasio still fought to keep NYC public schools open until it was absolutely necessary. The humongous school system not only helped keep track of minors throughout the boroughs, giving parents time to work, but it also kept millions of children and families fed with nutritious meals each day. Now that the official lockdown has begun, these meals are the only thing I leave my home for. I never expected to rely on the school system, and as I walk to my old elementary school it's strange to see how so much could change within a month. Just a few weeks ago, there was a kind crossing guard and now I'm not allowed into the school building so a security guard has to pass me the meals for my siblings and I.

Back home, eating the nostalgia-filled lunches with my family makes me think of the last time I had one, two years ago. It's as if I'm sitting in the school cafeteria with my family eating pretzels and PBJ sandwiches on the nights my parents can't cook dinner. These meals have brought my family together in vulnerable times in the past and will continue to until this virus is controlled.

Defne Sener (Class of 2020)

The contents of several school lunches displayed on a table