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Quarantine Blog: Lab conditions: Before and now

Posted on Sunday, March 29, 2020 by for Quarantine Blog.

Cartoon drawing of a lab rat

For the last 2 years, I have been working in Dr. Delamater's lab at Brooklyn College. Unlike many psychology labs, this lab features behavioral experiments from Ivan Pavlov's times in the late 1800s. I would conduct these experiments in operant conditioning chambers with Long-Evans rats as my subjects. The first set of experiments I worked on focused on the phenomenon of extinction. Recently, I finished an experiment about associative memory and how it affects behavior. Usually, my lab would have different people such as my mentor, the graduate students, and other high school students who come in and work on projects. Although it would be rare for all of us to be in the lab at the same time, now it's impossible. Currently, the lab is practicing social distancing and only my mentor, graduate student, and animal caretaker are allowed in at different times. High school students such as myself are not allowed in the lab currently, in order to limit the risk of spreading the virus.

Jasmine Huang (Class of 2020)