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Almedina Mulic is a finalist at the 2020 NYC Metro JSHS, Tanisa Rahman wins 2nd in chemistry

Posted on Thursday, February 13, 2020 by for Awards, JSHS.

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The NYC Metro Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS) only accepted about 120 projects citywide for this year's competition. On Sunday, February 8, 2020, 6 Midwood students made it to the semifinals round. Almedina Mulic was declared first place in environmental science and a finalist overall. Tanisa Rahman received second place in chemistry. 4 additional Midwood students were declared semifinalists. Wish Almedina good luck as she prepares for the finals round in one week. Send congrats to all 6 of our winners. JSHS set a high bar that these 6 students deftly surmounted.

Finalist and first place in environmental science

  • Almedina Mulic (environmental science)
    Project: Do Geukensia demissa change how they feed in the presence of predators?
    Mentor: Dr. J. Stephen Gosnell, Department of Environmental Science, Baruch College

Semifinalist and second place in chemistry

  • Tanisa Rahman (chemistry)
    Project: Novel method of cycloaddition of cyclooctyne and trapping with a vinylketene complex and other cycloaddition reactions using benzyne precursors
    Mentor: Dr. Wayne F.K. Schnatter, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Long Island University


  • Ashley Chin (behavioral science)
    Project: How does body awareness and parental bonding differ among black and non-black young adults?
    Mentor: Dr. Sara Chiara Haden, Department of Psychology, Long Island University
  • Henry Hua (environmental science)
    Project: Food consumption rates of Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis (green sea urchin) in a high CO2, low pH environment
    Mentor: Dr. Kestrel Perez, Department of Biology, St. Joseph's College
  • Jasmine Huang (behavioral science)
    Project: Effects of reversed Pavlovian learning in differentiating sex
    Mentor: Dr. Andrew Delamater, Department of Psychology, Brooklyn College
  • Mariyum Jahan (behavioral science)
    Project: Male and female fiddler crabs prefer to group with members of the opposite sex
    Mentor: Dr. Frank Grasso, Department of Psychology, Brooklyn College

Finalist Almedina Mulic
Finalist Almedina Mulic

All 6 semifinalists
All 6 semifinalists plus one teacher