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Fizza Nayab and Emily Movsumova win at 2019 Brooklyn College Science Day

Posted on Friday, May 3, 2019 by for Awards, Brooklyn College.

Brooklyn College Science Research Day is an annual event that showcases the work done by students with research mentors at Brooklyn College and other CUNY schools. This year, around 125 students presented their research across 14 categories in STEM, with over 50 faculty members and students from the college serving as judges. First, second, and third place prizes were awarded in each of the three divisions: high school, undergraduate and graduate.

Two of the three awards at the high school level went to Midwood High School students. Fizza Nayab in the Biomimetic and Cognitive Robotics Lab (BCR) placed second and Emily Movsumova in the Mechano-microbiology Lab placed third. First place went to another member of BCR — Maya Tariq of George W. Hewlett High School in Nassau County. Congratulations to all.

Award winners: Emily Movsumova and Fizza Nayab
Award winners: Emily Movsumova and Fizza Nayab

  1. Maya Tariq (George W. Hewlett High School)
    Project: How monk parakeets choose where to live: The importance of cherry trees.
    Mentor: Dr. Frank Grasso, Department of Psychology, Brooklyn College
  2. Fizza Nayab
    Project: Monk to monk communication: Do monk parakeet calls influence conspecific behaviors?
    Mentor: Dr. Frank Grasso, Department of Psychology, Brooklyn College
  3. Emily Movsumova
    Project: Unknown Streptococcus strain specific to killing and inhibiting growth of Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Neisseria elongata.
    Mentor: Dr. Nicolas Biais, Department of Biology, Brooklyn College

Group photo
An unexpectedly large group photo. Midwood Science students are known for their
ability to respond quickly and in amazing numbers when the call to action is sounded.