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4 Midwood students present at 2019 EPA Meeting

Posted on Friday, March 1, 2019 by for Publications.

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The 90th meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association (EPA) was held at the Times Square Marriott Marquis Hotel over the weekend of February 28–March 2. Like most conventions, the EPA features guest speakers, workshops, and vendor booths relevant to professionals. The EPA also runs poster sessions where undergraduate and graduate students present their research projects.

This year Midwood was proud to send two teams of high school researchers to present alongside the college students. Seniors Basimah Zahid and Zuha Ahmed presented in the Clinical Psychology session. Juniors Serena Duran and Naffisat Atanda with their mentor Dr. Laura Egan presented in the Cognitive Psychology session.

The Eastern Psychological Association is the oldest of the regional psychological associations in the United States. Its purpose is to advance the science and profession of psychology through the dissemination of professional information.

  • Basimah Zahid and Zuha Ahmed (Clinical Psychology)
    Project: Child maltreatment, adult attachment styles, and emotional dysregulation.
    Mentor: Dr. Sara Chiara Haden, Department of Psychology, Long Island University
  • Serena Duran and Naffisat Atanda (Cognitive Psychology)
    Project: The impact of ambiguous threat on behavioral inhibition in social anxiety
    Mentor: Dr. Laura Egan, Department of Psychology, St. Francis College
Basimah Zahid, Zuha Ahmed Dr. Laura Egan, and Serena Duran, Naffisat Atanda
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