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Midwood seniors capture half the awards at 2019 St. Joseph’s College Poster Session, Rana Mohamed takes first place

Posted on Saturday, February 9, 2019 by for Awards, St. Joseph's.

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Saturday, February 9, 2019 was the 23rd Annual Research Poster Session for High School Students at St. Joseph's College New York. This event is open to all high school students in any field of scientific research and is sponsored by the Chemical Education Committee of the New York Section of the American Chemical Society. Midwood Science students collected half the awards this year with Hudson County, New Jersey's Union City High School and High Tech High School sharing the other half. Midwood's Rana Mohamed and her "passive walker" robot took First Place.

First Place

  • Rana Mohamed
    Project: Energy monitoring systems for mobile robotic systems.
    Mentor: Mr. William Zhiren Peng and Dr. Joo H. Kim, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Honorable Mention

  • Ahmad Choudhry and Daniel Gaft
    Project: Synthesis and cycloadditions of vinylketene iron (0) complexes using 2,4,6-triisopropylbenzenesulfonyl hydrazones.
    Mentor: Dr. Wayne F.K. Schnatter, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Long Island University
  • Andrew Korbin, Humayara Karim, and Yenny Huang
    Project: Phytoremediation of heavy metal contaminated soils using Brassica juncea.
    Mentor: Dr. Zhongqi (Joshua) Cheng, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Brooklyn College
  • Emily Movsumova
    Project: Unknown Streptococcus strain specific to killing and inhibiting growth of Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Neisseria elongata.
    Mentor: Dr. Nicolas Biais, Department of Biology, Brooklyn College
  • Maryam Khan
    Project: Defining the mechanisms of memory associated neural ensembles in the hippocampus.
    Mentor: Dr. Juan Marcos Alarcon, Department of Pathology, SUNY Downstate Medical Center
  • Nathan Reder
    Project: Analysis of writing quality by automated scoring systems to identify factors to support poor college writers.
    Mentor: Dr. Mark Lauterbach, Department of Early Childhood and Art Education, Brooklyn College
Individual photos by Eva Lai. Group photo courtesy of SJC High School Poster Session on Flickr.
Student standing beside their posterboard Students standing beside their posterboard Students standing beside their posterboard
Group photo on stage
Student standing beside their posterboard Student standing beside their posterboard Student standing beside their posterboard