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Research Opportunities at the American Museum of Natural History

Posted on Monday, May 17, 2010 by for Freshmen, Sophomores.

Freshman and Sophomores who are committed to science research should check out these opportunites. The American Museum of Natural History offers high school students a chance to participate in one of two Science Research Mentoring Programs. The two SRMPs are funded by different government agencies, focus on different branches of science and have different target ages and application deadlines.

  • NSF Science Research Mentoring Program
    • Subjects: Biology, anthropology
    • Program length: 2 years
    • Most appropriate grade level: Current freshmen
    • Application deadline: 1 June 2010
    • Additional benefits: Training in science content and lab skills, research experience, college prep, field trips, scholarships, stipend, …
  • NASA Science Research Mentoring program
    • Subjects: Astrophysics, earth and planetary sciences
    • Program length: 1 year
    • Most appropriate grade level: Current sophomores
    • Application deadlines: 26 February 2010 & 14 May 2010
    • Additional benefits: Training in science content and lab skills, research experience, paper writing and presentation advice, college prep, stipend, …

Since the deadline for the NASA program has passed, interested students should only apply to the NSF SRMP this year — but, if you are interested in earth and space sciences and will be a sophomore in science research, remember the NASA SRMP for next year.

The AMNH has a lot of other great opportunities for high school students. One of the best ways to learn about their programs is the High School Summer Science Institute. Participants in this week-long orientation session will have the opportunity to meet scientists, attend exclusive behind-the-scenes tours of our collections, and take part in interactive hands-on activities.

  • High School Summer Science Institute
    • Subjects: anthropology, astronomy, biodiversity, earth science, genetics
    • Program length: 1 week
    • Most appropriate grade levels: Not seniors
    • Application deadline: 25 June 2010
    • Additional benefits: Students who attend receive priority when they apply to subsequent AMNH programs.
    • There is a $300 fee for this program. Fee-waivers and half-price discounts are available.