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Midwood sweeps Brooklyn College Science Day for the third year in a row

Posted on Friday, May 6, 2016 by for Awards, Brooklyn College.

Every year in May, the science students at Brooklyn College get together for a friendly poster competition amongst themselves. Every year they also ask high school students from Brooklyn to join them. Projects are separated by grade level (Graduate, Undergraduate, High School). For the third year in a row, Midwood Science has taken every one of the awards at the high school level. We even had two First Place winners this year — Kai Saunders (a senior) and Noor Asif (a junior). Award winning students were given prizes including Barnes and Noble gift cards, USB flash drives, portable phone chargers, and stainless steel water bottles. Everyone received a free pen, a free lunch, and a nice break from from classes during a stressful week of Advanced Placement Exams.

Award winner group photo
Kai Saunders, Noor Asif, Urooj Ansari, Roshan Chudry

  1. Noor Asif
    "Monk parakeets increase nest construction behavior during the mating season." Noor worked under the supervision of Dr. Frank Grasso in the Department of Psychology at Brooklyn College.
  2. Kai Saunders
    "Urban soils: Metal content in artifacts." Kai worked under the supervision of Dr. Zhongqi (Joshua) Cheng in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Brooklyn College.
  3. Urooj Ansari
    "The physical and chemical warfare between Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sanguinis." Urooj worked under the supervision of Dr. Nicolas Biais in the Department of Biology at Brooklyn College.
  4. Roshan Chudry
    "The effects of blinking exercises on computer vision syndrome." Roshan worked under the supervision of Dr. Mark Rosenfield in the Department of Biological Sciences at the SUNY College of Optometry.

Large group photo
Brooklyn College Science Day — Friday, May 6, 2016