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Science Stars of the Future: Siemens-Westinghouse Finalists on NY1 News

Posted on Tuesday, November 2, 1999 by for Media, Siemens.

Some of Midwood's most talented students were the centerpiece of a feature that aired October 26, 1999 on the all-news cable channel NY1 (New York One). Education Reporter J. D. LaRocque spent a day interviewing students and staff in the school's research program. Focus centered on the six finalists in the 1999 Siemens Westinghouse science competition. As shown in the video capture to the right, they are (from left to right): Emmanuelle St. Jean, Alexander Eng, Eugene Simuni, Ilya Sherman, Lawrence Fung, and Nazish Qadeer.

Siemens Westinghouse Finalists
Siemens Westinghouse Finalists
Nazish Qadeer
Nazish Qadeer explains her research comparing the DNA of apes and humans
Ilya Sherman
Ilya Sherman explains his research on hazardous containminants in commercial asbestos
Eugene Simuni
Eugene Simuni explains his research on protein interactions in the eye
Jay Touger
Mr. Touger explains the virtues of working with research students
Alexander Eng
Alexander Eng operating an x-ray diffractometer
Alan Stack
Mr. Stack conducting a class in research chemistry