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2000 Intel Science Talent Search

Posted on Tuesday, February 1, 2000 by for Awards, STS.

Now in its 59th year, the Science Talent Search (STS) is the oldest and most highly-regarded science competition in the United States. Midwood students have a long and distinguished record of superior performance in this "Junior Nobel Prize". In the year 2000, Midwood ranked first statewide and tied for first nationwide in total number of semifinalists (13). Two of these students were later selected as finalists.


  • Eugene Simuni
    Role of Interdomain Interactions in the Activation Mechanism of the G Proteins.

    • Fifth Place, a $25,000 scholarship.
  • Emmanuelle St Jean
    Evidence for a Lipoprotein Scavenger Receptor in the African Trypanosome.


  • Regina Glick
    Effect of Prompting Time on Task on Academic Achievement Amongst Inner City, At- Risk Students.
  • Amber Iqbal
    DNA Fingerprinting and Virulence Assays for Clinical Strains of Mycobacterium avium.
  • Ross Krupnik
    Identification of an Angiostatin Binding Site, Ecto-ATP Synthase, on the Platelet Membrane Surface: Evidence of a Probable Role for Angiostatin in Tumor Proliferation.
  • Kenneth Kwan
    Assessment of Humans’ Abilities to Compensate for Perspective Distortion.
  • Elaine Lo
    Characterization of an Activation Protein-1 Binding Site in the Murine Interleukin-12 p40 Promoter: Demonstration of Novel Functional Cis-Acting Elements by a Reductionist Approach.
  • Seema Meraj
    Discovery of a Nuclear Localization Signal in the C-Terminal Basic Region of MuIFNGamma.
  • Diana Murakhovskaya
    Is Functional Activity of the F1 Synthase Enzyme Detectable in Human Tumor Cell Lines and Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells?
  • Sofya Pintova
    Amphetamine Modulates Expression and Localization of Dendritic BCI RNA.
  • Marianna Shnayderman
    Atherasclerosis Progression via Apoptotic Pathways: Constructing and Characterizing Efficiency of Artificially Induced Cell Death Model.
  • Sarah Sirota
    The Destructive Cycle: An Exploration of Black People’s Self View and World View.
  • Yana Zorina
    Screening for Iron-Regulated Promoters in the Genome of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.