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2006 High School Poster Session at St. Joseph’s College

Posted on Saturday, October 28, 2006 by for Awards, St. Joseph's.

On Saturday October 21, 2006, St. Joseph's College held a High School Science Competition sponsored by the New York Section of the American Chemical Society. Midwood sent 13 students to the competition and brought home 5 Awards.

Group Photo

  • Ilana Arabova
    received a 1st place award for her project "Protein Cross-link Between Tyrosyl Radicals in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Catalase-Peroxidase (KatG)". She worked with Dr. Richard S. Magliozzo of the Department of Biochemistry at Brooklyn College.
  • Yan Leyfman
    received a 2nd place award for his project "Curcumin Downregulates High Glucose-Induced Matrix Metalloproteinase-2 Expression in Human Aortic Endothelial Cells". He worked with Dr. Theresa Jacob of the Cardiovascular Department at Maimonides Medical Center.
  • Michelle Kaufman
    received honorable mention for her project "The Evaluation of D-Dimer in Diagnosing Deep Vein Thrombosis". She worked with Dr. Larry H. Bernstein of New York Methodist Hospital.
  • Sonal Noticewala
    received honorable mention for her project "Effects of Diet Composition on Postprandial Plasma Triglyceride Levels in Rats". She worked with Dr. Kathleen V. Axen of the Feeding Behavior and Nutrition Laboratory at Brooklyn College.
  • Valeriya Pinkhasova
    received honorable mention for her project "Alternation of NADH/NAD+ Cortical Redox State by Lactate". She worked with Dr. Peter Bergold of SUNY Downstate Medical Center.