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2014 Midwood Science Fair Results

Posted on Wednesday, June 11, 2014 by for Awards, Science Fair.

1st Place

Jessica Lin & Eileen Chen
Electrolytes in beverages

Laila Akallal
Is the speed of light truly constant?

Mie Abouelkheir
The effects of microwave radiation on the growth of E. coli

2nd Place

Gabriela Villagomez
Visual memory vs. Auditory memory

Vanessa Mai

3rd Place

Noshin Hayat
The effect of antacids on the stomach

Aisha Khoja
Comparing antacid potency

Joshua Pilipovsky
A change in the winds: Bernoulli's principle

Honorable Mention

Bilal Azhar & Wendy Jiang
Effect of acidity and temperature on a fruit's electric current

Alexandra Gayle & Kai Saunders
What drinks contain the most electrolytes?

Vivian Ng & Ibraar Aziz
The effect of carbonated drinks on the human body

Mohammed Chowdhury
Which antacid works the best?

Samera Arif
The effect of acidic citrus fruits and skin tone on henna stain

Gabrielle Tolchinsky
Hydrogen peroxide's effect on seed germination