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2002 Intel Science Talent Search

Posted on Thursday, January 24, 2002 by for Awards, STS.

Now in its 61st year, the Intel Science Talent Search (STS) is the oldest and most highly-regarded science competition in the United States. Midwood students have a long and distinguished record of superior performance in this "Junior Nobel Prize". In the year 2002, Midwood had one finalist and six semifinalists.


  • Tahir Ahmed
    Molecular Modeling and the Identification of Functional Domains of a New Adhesive Molecule in Inflammatory Thrombosis


  • Jonathan Hamill
    Analysis of the Dental Pathologies Affecting Ancient Sirmium
  • Adam Kapelner
    Brain Activity Due to Intravenous Secretin Infusion and Its Pharmacological Value in the Treatment of Autism
  • Irene Lai
    New Catalysts by Combining Lipases with Organometallics and Their Use for the Preparation of Novel Bioresorbable Polyesters
  • Daniel Ruderfer
    Paleopathological Analysis of the Vertebral Remains of Sirmium Locality 26
  • Elena Won
    Potentiation of Estrogen’s Genomic Effects by Non-genomic Effects: Ex-vivo Study in A Neuroblastoma Cell Line