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Design a Brain Experiment Competition

Posted on Friday, October 4, 2013 by for Extra Credit, Miscellaneous.

Updated Thursday, October 17, 2013.

The Dana Foundation invites you to participate in its third annual Design a Brain Experiment Competition. The challenge is to design an original human brain-related experiment that will test creative theories on daily brain activity, brain diseases, brain functions and malfunctions. Experiments will be judged on creativity and originality as well as adherence to the scientific method.

This is to be a research proposal — not a completed (or even started) experiment. Entries must be submitted by a supervising teacher. A supervising teacher may not submit more than 5 proposals. Students can enter as individuals or as a group. The competition guidelines use the word “classroom” a few times, but a group entry does not need to be made by a whole class. Proposals must not exceed 4 pages in length (plus 1 page for references or 5 total pages). Supervising teachers must submit entries to no later than Friday, January 17, 2014. Winners will be announced during Brain Awareness Week March 10–16, 2014.

The Dana Foundation is devoted to promoting an interest in the brain and research in schools across the country. They also sponsor the New York City Regional Brain Bee in February. The Brain Bee is like a spelling bee but instead of spelling words, students are challenged to answer questions about the brain. More info on that competition later.