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Junior Teacher Assignments

Posted on Sunday, November 25, 2012 by for Juniors.

Hello juniors, be aware that you will be scheduled for meetings soon. The following table shows which students have been assigned to which supervising teacher for the remainder of this semester.

Please remember to submit the first draft of the "First Intel Personal Essay" (Your promise as a scientist, mathematician, or engineer) before you leave school on Monday. This assignment will be forwarded to your supervising teacher along with your resume, graded Hubble paper analysis, contract, and other material.

Junior Teacher Assignments
Elert Rosenfeld Sullivan
Mark Aizin Onur Ayaz Shahodat Azimova
Christopher Ayala Amy Cao Varvara Budetti
Aziza Babaeva Bryan Chan Alisha Bunting
Allen Barbarovich Xin Yi Chen Chelsea Green
Yasmine Brown-Williams Leonidas Eracleous Stefanie Henry
Sammi Chung Samuel Genchikmakher Rodolfo Hernandez
Kyana Exceus Kharene Gittens Bilal Hussain
Walter Farez Ying Tong Guo Edward Isakov
Shadika Jahan Tasnim Halim Navish Javed
Joel Jose Remi Henry Mosamed (Tasnin) Kabir
Maqadus Khan Ashley Lamarre Kelly Kwong
Jasmin Kim Cindy Li Shirley Li
Tiffany Mai Jessica Liang Ting Lin
Nikia Miller Michael Lu Andy Liu
Kiara Nunez Ellysa Magloire Ada Ma
Shubh Rana Fionne Pham Sumreen Meer
Almas Shafiq Georgia Ross Chukwunonso Nwasike
Deniss Sivohins Adam Soliman Akeem Pinnock
Helen Wu Ameenah Sukkur Jenny Wang
Winnie Wu Jia Ying Tan Annie Zheng
Jonathan Yuen Jeffrey Tsui  
Joeky Zhou Ashley Yip  

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