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2012 Midwood Science Fair Results

Posted on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 by for Awards, Science Fair.

And the winners are …



  1. Jennifer Lauv
    Electroculture: Does It Work?
  2. Almas Shafiq
    Testing Which Acne Product Is Most Effective Against Bacteria
  3. Allen Barbarovich
    Cellam Electrica
  1. Akeem Pinnock & Stanley Wong
    The Fibonacci Sequence: Solar Panels
  1. Elzyata Sangadzhiev
    Raw vs. Cooked Foods
  2. M. Tasnin Kabir
    Dirty Hands
  1. Jessica Lin & Noor Hasne
    The effectiveness of hand soaps against S. epidermis and E. coli
  2. Sammi Chung & Shirley Li
    Cleaning Agents
  1. Deniss Sivohins
    Stealthy Shapes: How to Make an Aircraft Invisible to Radar
  2. Alma Nesimi
    Grow Plants Grow!
  1. Kenne Yang & Jennifer Wu
    Kimchi Chemistry
  2. Stefanie Henry & Jessica Liang
    Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…
  3. Jeffrey Tsui & Yassine Kaouadji
    Which Meat is Toxic to Planaria?
  1. Shubh Rana
    Smile for the Camera
  2. Walter Farez
    The Colorful Perspective to Ameliorate Human Memory Recall
  3. Tasnim Halim
    The Effect of Music on Heartbeat
  1. Spencer Siu & David Cham
    Dirty Plants vs. Clean Plants
  2. Lubin Toussaint & Mark Goldman
    Calcium & Protein in Milk
  3. Stephanie Leung & Jocelyn Chiu
    Variations of the Stroop Effect: Males vs. Females