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SEM image of the week: Tiny shrimp

Posted on Monday, December 5, 2011 by for SEM.

The Department of Redundancy Department came up with the title of this week’s entry. The objects studied were tiny dried shrimp (蝦米 xiāmi) from an Asian grocery in Brooklyn. None of them was bigger than an adult fingernail. They had bright pink bodies and crazy, blue-black eyes on stalks. I tried to mimic the natural color using Photoshop. Adding color to highlight structure is common in SEM imaging.

top view top view, false color
Top view of the head. False color image
left eye, low vacuum left eye, high vacuum
Left eye, low vacuum mode. Left eye, high vacuum mode.
right eye, low vacuum right eye, high vacuum
Right eye, low vacuum mode. Right eye, high vacuum mode.

Image credit: Glenn Elert. Thanks to Kate Wong for providing the sample.