Senior Science Research


Fall Semester

Fall Meetings for Seniors

Check the calendar on often. Individual, team, or small group meetings are the way business gets done. Large group meetings are rare. Keep your supervising teacher up to date on your progress. Do not hesitate to tell us of problems. Above all, do not miss your appointments. They count significantly toward your grade.

  1. September
    1. First meeting: Entrance meeting on the second day of the semester in room A215/A318. Everyone attends.
      • Semester overview
      • Verify/update your contact info
      • Research paper 1st draft
    2. Second meeting
      • Discuss research papers
  2. October
    1. First meeting
      • Research paper 2nd draft
      • Regeneron STS registration & paperwork (optional)
      • Neuroscience registration & paperwork (optional)
    2. Second meeting
      • Research paper 3rd draft
      • Regeneron STS registration & paperwork (optional)
      • JSHS registration & paperwork (optional)
  3. November
    1. First meeting
      • Research paper 4th draft
      • Regeneron STS registration & paperwork (optional)
      • JSHS registration & paperwork (optional)
      • NYCSEF registration & paperwork (mandatory)
    2. Second meeting
      • NYCSEF registration & paperwork (mandatory)
  4. December
    1. First meeting
    2. Second meeting
  5. January
    • PowerPoint presentations for 5–10 days
      • PowerPoint final draft (9:00 AM Tuesday, January 3, 2017)
      • Attend 5 days (Students who completed a Regeneron STS application only attend 1 day)
      • Present on 1 of these days
    1. First meeting: Exit meeting
    2. Second meeting (during Regents week)
      • Scientific poster first draft
      • NYCSEF status
      • JSHS status

Regeneron Science Talent Search

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 (research paper)

Regeneron STS logo

Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS)


Sunday, November 19, 2017 (research paper)
Sunday, February 4, 2018 (presentation)

New York City Science and Engineering Fair (NYCSEF)


Wednesday, December 13, 2017 (research paper)
Sunday, March 4, 2018 (poster session)

PowerPoint presentations for seniors

PowerPoint icon

The spring semester is full of events where you are expected to talk about your project to the public. In January, you will practice for this eventuality. All seniors will deliver a PowerPoint presentation to an audience of junior and senior research students and teachers.

The final draft of your deck will be due on the morning of the first school day after Winter Break (9:00 AM Wednesday, January 2, 2019). Email your slide decks to and put "pptx file" in the subject line. This will ensure that it goes to the correct mailbox. Mr. Elert will keep the official copy of these files, but Ms. Mosley will also need copies from her students.

All presentations will start with a 30 second executive summary. Describe the essence of your project using language that can be understood by people who are generally well-educated but who are not experts in your particular scientific field. The executive summary will not be read off a slide, index card, or any other medium.

The remainder of the presentation should last 6–8 minutes. Each slide will use text sparingly (except for the reference slide at the end). All images will be the work of the student, a colleague from the lab, or a referenced scientific source. No images "from the Internet" are allowed.

Attend 5 days of the possible 7 days of presentations. Present on one of these 5 days. Students who entered the Regeneron STS need only attend on 1 day — the day they present. You are welcome to attend extra days, but extra credit will not be awarded. Clap politely after every presentation and try to ask each presenter at least one good question. Fill out a scoring sheet after every presentation. Presentations will be scheduled for period 9 in rooms to be determined.

St. Joseph's College High School Poster Session

Saturday, February 4, 2018 (poster session)


Lab Log Format

Weighting and Extra Credit Requirements

Fall Lab Logs

Lab logs are due at the first meeting of each month.

  1. June/July/August lab logs are due in September for seniors and October for juniors.
  2. September lab logs are due in October.
  3. October lab logs are due in November.
  4. November lab logs are due in December.
  5. December lab logs are due in January.

Extra Credit

STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Public Lecture

Attend an approved STEM lecture

Possible Lectures

Competitions and Events

Participate in STEM competitions or attend STEM special events.

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