Reading Scientific and Technical Papers

Assignment 4: Contemporary Paper

The purpose of this activity is to analyze a piece of contemporary science as reported in a peer-reviewed scientific research journal using the following summary technique. You will write and rewrite this assignment several times. The final draft is due the first day after Winter Break — Tuesday, January 2, 2018.

Method for Analyzing a Scientific Paper

Write a series of sentences, appropriately grouped into paragraphs, that address the following questions in this exact order …

  1. What objects were studied? (Objects exist in space and time. Concepts or relationships are not objects.)
  2. What records were made of these of objects? (What devices were used to observe the objects?)
  3. What facts were extracted from the records? (How were the records turned into data?)
  4. What transformations were the facts put through? (How were the data transformed into "better" data that were more useful or meaningful?)
  5. What results were obtained from the data? (In what form was the transformed data represented — tables, charts, graphs, cartoons, etc?)
  6. What interpretations, explanations, generalizations were made from the results? (What does the transformed data show?)
  7. What knowledge claims is the author making? (What new knowledge has the author discovered or generated?)
  8. What value claims did the author make or did the author's discovery acquire? (Why is this paper important?)

When you submit the analysis for grading, please observe the following conventions …

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