Preparing for the Intel STS

Assignment 8: Intel STS Practice Application

Part A: Answer all relevant questions in this Word document to the best of your ability. Questions marked with an asterisk are required and must be answered. Type your responses in the blank space below each question. Do not modify the formatting. Save frequently. Do not print. Email the completed document to Mr. Elert before 11:59:59 PM Sunday, February 9, 2014. Put RESEARCH HW 8A in the subject line.

Part B: Show this letter to your mentor (the person in your lab who is most familiar with your research). Explain that you will be asking them to complete a similar set of questions online with a deadline in mid-November. Return the tear off signature line to your supervising teacher. Let your mentor keep the remainder of the letter for future reference.


Midwood Science Research

Midwood Science Research Program
Glenn Elert — Coordinator
Midwood High School at Brooklyn College Midwood High School at Brooklyn College
Michael McDonnell — Principal
2839 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11210
(718) 724–8500


teachers     office     em ail extension
Mr. Elert (Coordinator)   A214   elert@ 2141
Ms. Mosley   A317   mosley.chem@ 3172 or 3173
Ms. Roehrich   A317   midwoodes@ 3172 or 3173
Ms. Ross   A214   jross17@ 2141
Ms. Sullivan   A214   jsullivanbio@ 2141
administrators     office     em ail extension
Mr. McDonnell (Principal)   127   mmcdonn2@ 1270 or 8511
Mr. Rosenfeld (AP Biology)   A200   trosenf@ 2003