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2011 Midwood Science Fair

Posted on Monday, June 6, 2011 by for Awards, Science Fair.

And the winners are …



  1. Aisha Ashfaq
    Polyethylene or Polyvinyl Chloride
  1. Jason Vayner & Ron Baazov
    Neutralizing Stomach Acidity: The Natural Way
  1. Syeda Rassol
    Which acne medication is the most effective on bacteria?
  2. Ryan Fraser
    Inhibition of Tiny Wildlife
  1. Danielle Cano-Garraway & Ramsha Farooq
    Ready, Set, DRINK!
  2. Anna Guo & Evelyn Veliz
    Slimy Likes It!
  3. Olivia Kyi & Verna Zhao
    Puzzles for You!
  1. Jenny Ng
    Will hearing or reading help you memorize better and faster?
  2. Leo Liao
    The Rate of Enzyme Activity
  3. Pamela Liu
    The Stroop Effect: Female vs. Male
  1. Cindy Lee & Stella Chen
    Kimchi Chemistry
  2. Kayla Gittens & Karina Mitrova
    Carbs make you gain, but will they help relieve pain?
  3. Lily Mei & Rabije Cekovic
    Wash your dishes, clean your planet
  1. Emily Yip
    Shield Yourself from Ultraviolet Rays
  2. Kate Wong
    Bacteria vs. Disinfecting Wipes
  3. Crystal Soo
    A Plant’s Favorite Food
  4. Ramin Ikhiilov
    Truth to the Labels
  5. Denise Roa Peña
    Can Coke Vanish Meat?
  6. Justin White
    CSI: Midwood
  7. Sarah Khoja
    Eggciting Eggsperiment
  1. Onycha Banton & Asia Wynn
    Defenseless Bacteria
  2. Brian Volfovskiy & Faina Ablyazova
    Saturated Fat in Oils Tested by Tincture of Iodine
  3. Alex Kurtov & Or Mossaiov
    Color the ice away!