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JSHS Registration Deadline Coming Very Soon

Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2011 by for JSHS, Seniors.

This contest is a perfect example of how chance favors the prepared mind.

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The registration deadline for the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS) is Friday, January 14! Any seniors interested in applying should do so right now. Contact me stating your interest. Extra credit will be awarded, of course. You must be free on Sunday, March 13 and be able to travel to York College in Queens. Visit the New York JSHS website for more info.

I contacted the people in charge to see if we can recycle the paperwork from NYCSEF or the Intel STS. I seem to recall they let us do this last year. If so, the entry process is really quite simple. You will not need to bother your mentors for yet another signature. You will need to scan your documentation, however. (Mr. McDonnell has a really nice document scanner in his office we can use.)

Please note that no one can enter until Form C is filled out (Call for Papers Registration Form). I can’t fill out Form C until you tell me you want to enter. I think you can see the problem here. Please reply quickly. Include the title of your project in the email.