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Senior Research Relaxation Experiment

Posted on Monday, December 20, 2010 by for Seniors.


The Research Room is reserved periods 8, 9, 10 on Wednesday, December 22 for an end-of-the-calendar-year celebration. You made it through the paperwork nightmares that are Intel and NYCSEF. I think it’s time we used A214 for some relaxation experiments.

The best thing would be if everyone would contribute something to the cause (main dish, side dish, beverage, etc.). We have plenty of cups, silverware, and napkins left over from last year’s science fair, but we could use some plates.

I have arranged for the delivery of a 160 liter tank of liquid nitrogen for educational purposes. One of the more interesting things you can do with it is make ice cream in 30 seconds. I have already brought some of the ingredients to Midwood (frozen fruit, vanilla powder, cocoa powder, peppermint extract, sugar) as well as the necessary utensils. I need a volunteer or two or three to bring cream (light cream works better than heavy cream).

Please RSVP and tell me what you’d like to contribute.

Tamara Charles  
Pei Ling Chen  
Joseline Cruz I’ll most likely bring a desert.
Kirill Grinberg  
Amy Guan I will bring soda, cookies, and plates.
Tayeba Hasan  
Avis Karpman I will contribute a few packs of Potato Chips.
Rachel Kehinde I can bring cookies.
Margaret Lee Yu Bu Cho Bap
Stephanie Lew I’m going to bring cupcakes!
Yvonne Li Pad Thai…..yummmm n.n
Wenona Lok  
Anastasiya Matveyenko  
Humera Mohammad I’ve purchased LIGHT cream after going around to 9 stores.
Carmen Mui  
Emily Ng  
Nicole Ng I’m bringing chow mai fun (rice noodle?).
Francisca Onyiuke  
Mercy Palomeque I am bringing cream for party tomorrow!! =)
Nafi Shabnam  
Rose-Ann Thomas  
Zhao Na Wang  
Cynthia Xue  
Andy Yee  
Wendy Yu I will be bringing in sodas.
Fuad Zaher  
Mr. Elert Flavorings and hardware for making ice cream with liquid nitrogen. Ribena and Vimto concentrate too.
Mr. Rosenfeld Kit Kats. They are really good when frozen.