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2010 Midwood Science Fair

Posted on Wednesday, June 9, 2010 by for Awards, Science Fair.

And the winners are …



  1. Choi Chao
    Hydrogen, the Combustible Fuel
  1. Amanda Ye & Jacinda Zhou
    There’s No Need to Fear, Garlic is Here!
  2. Joyce Lui & Emilee Yang
    I scream, SUN SCREEN!
  1. Joan Li
    Oh Snap!
  2. Natalya Romanyak
    You Don’t See Me But I Cu
  1. Mert Kemal Keceli & Charli Frankel
    The Secret Is in the Beads
  2. Amy Chen & Sandy Tam
    A Convo to Die For!
  1. Rebecca Khaimova
    Intensifying the Hair Without it Dye-ing
  2. Mitchell Buslovich
    Which Lettuce is the Safer Choice: Organic or Conventional?
  3. Matthew Chin
    Testing the Effectiveness of Different Concentrations of Listerine
  1. Karen Hui Wang & Nicole Almaraz
    Experimenting With Water Wheel Paddle Angles to Generate Energy
  2. Vivian Ng & Albert Murzakhanov
    The Phenomenon of Genetically Modified Organisms
  3. Maggie Lei & Candy Nguyen
    Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice
  1. Dong Hong Liang
    Salty Ice
  2. Brandon Abrams
    Do Free Radicals Affect Cell Division and Survival?
  3. Mohamed Adnan
    Eco Bully
  4. Emanuel Bazov
    The Ultimate Stealth Aircraft Revolution!!
  5. Tammy Jiang
    Never Thought I’d See the Light
  6. Meral Kerim
    Up, Up and Away!
  7. Andrew Dabydeen
    The Evaporation Rates of Alcohols with Different Amounts of Carbon
  8. Andy Zhang
    Caffeinated Plants: Get High or Die?
  1. Irene He & Pinar Nur Kanay
    Heartbeat, Heartbreak…
  2. Faryal Razzaq & Sadia Nusrat
    Ready, Set, Apply: Take Action Against Dandruff
  3. Aneisha Goffin & Chelsea Gill
    The Effect of Temperature on the pH of Juice
  4. Jiayi Li & Xiao Kuang
    Meating Bacteria
  5. Vilanya Arriaga & Stephanie Chen
    99.9% Germs Killed!