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2000 Report to the Parents Association

Posted on Saturday, September 30, 2000 by for Awards, Media, STS.

During the 1999-2000 school year Midwood once again established itself as one of the premier science research schools in the country as eleven science students and two social science students won the prestigious Intel Science Talent Search Award. Where are they now? Our finalist and winner Eugene Simuni is attending Harvard. Our other finalist Emmanuelle St. Jean is attending Barnard along with semifinalists Yana Zorina and Amber Iqbal. Semifinalist Regina Glick — Fordham, Ross Krupnik — Carnegie Mellon, Kenneth Kwan — Stoney Brook, Seema Meraj — Brooklyn College, Sofya Pintova — Brandeis, Marianna Shnayderman — MIT, Sara Sirota — Dartmouth, and Elaine Lo and Diana Murakhovskaya — Cooper Union. Our finalists and semifinalists earned approximately 2 million dollars in scholarship Awards. We are very proud of our winners and we are looking forward to the new school year.

Midwood became a media center for High School Science Research in New York. We were featured in a segment on Channel 7 News "Seven On Your Side", our winners were congratulated by Montel Williams on the "Montel" show, the New York Daily News ran two articles featuring our winners, the New York Times placed our students on the front cover of their magazine highlighting an article in their magazine section entitled "The Triumph of the Brainiacs", NY1 did two segments with our winners, and Channel 9 and 11 also ran shows showing the success of Midwood High School. Midwood is an exciting place to be for both students and teachers.

Our students had excellent results on the Physical Science Regents exams. More of our students passed the Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science Regents exams than any other school in Brooklyn, and we had the highest passing percentage on the Chemistry and Biology Regents exams.

You can check the weather at Midwood High School at any time by going to the website and clicking on the current weather conditions link. A weather station on our roof transmits weather data to a computer in the science lab that updates weather information every two minutes. The weather station will let you know the temperature, humidity, if there is precipitation, and barometric pressure near Midwood. Science students will be using this data for earth science projects.

The Physical Science Department has received a grant of $450,000 for its Computer Lab Project. Science students at Midwood will be able to use state of the art computers, lab interfaces and sensors to make measurements in the science laboratory. This project will be implemented during the Fall 2000 term so that by the Spring term all of our science labs will be equipped with laptop computers and LabPro interfaces.