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2015 Midwood Science Fair Results

Posted on Tuesday, June 16, 2015 by for Awards, Science Fair.

And the winners are…

1st Place

Mahmoud Abouelkheir
The Effect of Active Ingredients found in toothpaste on oral bacteria growth (Micrococcus)

Arbaz Aziz & Dmitriy Kim
The Strength of Magnetism Under Varying Temperatures

2nd Place

Allan Nosov
Using Weather Instruments and Folklore to Predict Weather

Terence Kong
The Capability of Antibacterial Soap

Angel Zou & Jennifer Phu
What’s in your seaweed? DNA Barcodes of Different Brands of Seaweed Snacks Commonly Found in Supermarkets

3rd Place

Zenab Jamil
The Primacy Effect

Carmen Zheng
The Effect of Gum and Music on Memory

Noor Asif
Henna Mixology

Sabrina Slutsky & Michelle Fogel
The Most Effective Antacid

Brianna Ku & Michelle Li
The Effect of Different Liquids on Dianthus Flower Growth

Honorable Mention

Ilham Ahmed
The Effect of a Variety of Milks on the Amount of Lactose Formed

Chunny Chi
The Effectiveness of Mouthwash Against Escherichia coli

Daniel Mirkin
The Effect of Aerated Water on Yeast Metabolism

Amy Huang
Determining how fast the ink travels across the different kinds of paper

Samuel Pun & Anthony Dinh
Denaturing Proteins under Heat

Jeannine Chen & Jimmy Li
What’s in your seaweed? DNA Barcodes of Different Brands of Seaweed Snacks Commonly Found in Supermarkets.

Alia Abdelhameed & Danielle LoPresti
The Effect of Hydrogen Peroxide Concentrations on Hair Strength
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