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Application for Advanced Science Research (a.k.a. 1.05)

Posted on Sunday, April 26, 2015 by for Juniors, Seniors.

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All juniors and seniors with a currently active research placement who would like to apply for a 1.05 weighted research course (Advanced Science Research) for the spring semester of 2015 must fill out, print, sign, and present this form to their supervising teacher along with an up to date lab log. An "active" placement is one with 16 hours (on average) of lab log entries per month for the first four months of 2015. Seniors should take care of this on Thursday, April 30 or Friday, May 1 (your choice). Juniors should do this during the week of May 4–8 at their regularly scheduled meeting.

Special note just for the juniors. A placement is not official until your mentor has contacted me saying you have been accepted to work in their lab. It should also state the date you began working there. Some of you have done this and some of you have not. The official record of this is kept in the Google Docs spreadsheet called “mentors (shared)”. You were all sent an invitation to this spreadsheet in October. View it and check your status. If you see a date next to your mentor’s name, you’re OK. If not, contact them immediately and ask them to email me before the end of the marking period (Monday, May 4, 2015).