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2002 High School Poster Session at St. Joseph’s College

Posted on Monday, October 21, 2002 by for Awards, St. Joseph's.

On Saturday October 26, 2002, St. Joseph’s College held a High School Science Competition sponsored by the New York Section of the American Chemical Society.

  • Karen Yip
    won the First Place and a $100 prize for her project on "Characterization of Catalase Peroxidase in Micobacterium tuberculosis during Activation of Isoniazid". Her research was conducted at the laboratory of Professor Magliozzo, Brooklyn College Chemistry Department.
  • Antoinette Jones
    won a Second Place award and received a $75 prize for her project on "Characterization of Rab3D in Parotid Acinar Cell Membranes" done at the laboratory of Professor Raffaniello, Department of Digestive Diseases at SUNY Downstate.
  • Afroz Hafeez
    won Honorable Mention for his project "Neural BC200 RNA as a Diagnostic Probe in Carcinomas". Afroz worked in the laboratory of Professor Tiedge and Dr. Muslimov at SUNY Downstate.
  • Rachel Fischer, Alicia Jones and Yulila Khutoretskaya
    also won Honorable Mention for their group project on "A Possible Role for the Pancreas Carcinoma Specific 3C4-Ag as a Novel Signal Transduction Cell Surface Receptor". They worked in the Pathology Department laboratory of Professor Josef Michl at SUNY Downstate.