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1998 New York State Science Talent Search Sponsored by Vassar College at IBM

Posted on Wednesday, June 24, 1998 by for Awards, STS.

  • High Honors
    Robert Chen
  • Honors
    Petros Benias, Audrey Chan, Sze Kwan Chan, Jenny He, Anna Kundel, Alexa Mislowack, Svetlana Zapolskya, Arshe Ahmed, Tresha Edwards, Hesky Fisher, Hope Garner, Rowena Singh, Susanna Tran, Nicole Carbellano, Roseanne Malfucci, Kate Tsyvkin, Pauline Burer, Judy Dong, Jared Jagdeo, LanNa Lee, Kenneth Mui, Robert Saronson, Jimmy Seto, and Ronit Socoloff
  • Teachers
    George Hero, Mitchel Kalmus, Stanley Shapiro, Jay Touger