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Seniors: Notes on completing the Intel STS

Posted on Monday, November 11, 2013 by for Seniors, STS.

  • Make sure your research paper has a footer with the page numbers on the right and nothing else (not your name and not the title). Do not add a header. The website will add one automatically with your name and registration number.
  • Show your supervising teacher that the application is complete. All parts of the application must be filled in — including all applicable optional questions. Your supervising teacher must approve and witness your final submission.
  • When you are almost done the website will give you a PDF of your entire application. Save a copy for yourself and give one copy to Mr. Elert via email or sneakernet (i.e. save it on a Flash drive, then walk over and hand it to him).
  • Everything must be done in school before the end of period 10 on Wednesday. No one is allowed to stay after school to finish or to complete the application from home.

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