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2013 Midwood Science Fair Results

Posted on Wednesday, June 5, 2013 by for Awards, Science Fair.



  1. Hussain Bokhari
    Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells: The Future of Renewable Energy
  1. Bernice Pham & Johnny Warn
    Which Dish Detergent Is Most Effective?
  2. Jennifer Chen & Jason Zheng
    Does Shape Affect Parachutes?
  1. Jing Wei Hu
    Photons Action!
  2. Meghan Ng
    The Effect Environment and Medium on Germinating Radish Seeds
  1. Anthony Dacres & Levtrim Kelmendi
    Reaction Times of Different Pain Relievers in Acetic Acid
  2. Amy Chen & Yukie Wong
    Effectiveness of Zinc Oxide on Ultraviolet Radiation
  1. Jessica Yip
    The effectiveness of different types of wipes
  2. Bella Zilber
    Which product stains teeth the most? Coffee, Tea, Water, or Coke?
  3. Ester Shamailova
    The Strength of Glue
  1. Brian Choi & Ashley Tan
    The Effect of Liquid Hand Soap Against Staphylococcus epidermidis
  2. Jacky Cham & Richard Wu
    The Effects of High and Low pH on Radish Growth
  3. Dianna Roman & Valeriya Falkovich
    Which Brand of Toothpaste is Most Effective Against Staphylococcus?
  4. Kelly Tom & Eunice Lee
    Pearly Whites
  1. Olena Hadelia
    Which Vitamin C Has the Most Vitamin C?
  2. Lucy Lin
    Which Affects Your Heart More: Hard Rock or Soft Piano Music?
  3. Aarin Chase
    Acne Medication Effectiveness on Propionibacterium acne
  4. Syeda Hillary
    Are You Safe in School?
  5. Michael Divgun
    Do Frozen Foods or Canned Foods Have Better Nutritional Value?
  6. Emily Sokolson
    Amount of mold growth due to preservatives
  7. Stanley Purygin
    How different spices affect E. coli growth
  8. Sandra Lin
    Which Brand of Aluminum Foil Works Best?
  9. Raymond Lopez
    Bio Isolation of Caffeine from Tea
  10. Aleksey Ladina
  1. Dajana Reci & Anna Stafeyeva
    Grow Plants Grow!
  2. Zainab Iqbal & Marisol Morales
    Brain Dominance
  3. Tiffany Sanabia & Dominique Semple
    The Effect of Cocoa Powder on the Growth of Bacteria
  4. Nancy Li & Vivian Tan
    Speed Up!
  5. Hillary Yip & Karry Ho
    The Effect of the Amount of Fertilizer on Plant Growth
  6. Sandy Wu & Candice Zhong
    Chips on Fire!