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2008 Midwood Science Fair

Posted on Tuesday, June 3, 2008 by for Awards, Science Fair.

Over 90 sophomores competed in the Midwood High School Science Fair on Thursday the 29th of May, 2008. They were judged by seniors and juniors who work part-time in university laboratories across New York City. The top 12 project received awards.


  1. Laura Chen
    The Effect of Caffeine and Depressants on the Heart Rate of Daphnia.


  1. Nick Macaluso & Jacqueline Handy
    The Effect of Magnetic Fields on the Readability of VHS Cassettes.
  1. Amanda Chan
    The Effect of Methanol on the Heart Rate of Daphnia.
  2. Sheryl Owen
    Indoor Electricity with Wind Generators.
  1. Andrew Morel & Weiqi Liu
    How Does Hand-Eye Coordination Compare Between Gamers and Non-gamers?
  2. Grace Chan & Nitar Chen
    The Effect of Rice Water on Plants.
  1. Ying Louie
    The Effect of Detergent Levels on the Surface Tension of Water.
  2. Kevin Zarbailov
    What’s the Best Way to Memorize?
  3. Tasha James
    Radiated Beanie Babies.
  1. Aaron Smith & Traci Kent
    Is Visual or Audio Information Better Retained by Students?
  2. Oleksandra Sobolyewa & Aleksandra Vinnichenko
    Bacteria in Your Kitchen.
  3. Inna Gurevich & Gabrielle Fridman
    Effect of pH on the Function of Bromelain.