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Research Opportunities at City College

Posted on Thursday, May 17, 2012 by for Juniors, Sophomores.

The City College of New York (CCNY) has two summer research programs that are relevant to Midwood students. Sophomores and juniors looking for a lab should check these out.

  • IUSL Photonics Training Program
    Provides high school students the opportunity to conduct applied research in the frontiers of photonic science and technology. A special focus of the program is to support members of underrepresented minority groups and women to enter these fields. It runs from July 9 to August 24. Visit or call (212) 650-5531 for more information.
  • NOAA-CREST Summer High School Internship Program (SHIP)
    Six-week program that provides research opportunities in remote sensing to students in grades 9-12. Up to ten students are selected every summer to work with graduate students and CCNY engineering and science faculty members as mentors. For more details and to apply online visit: or call (212) 650-8099.

They also offer two summer enrichment programs for freshman, sophomores, and juniors looking to expand their knowledge of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

  • NOAA-CREST Weather Camp
    Two-week program for high school students from the New York City metropolitan area July 23 – August 3. Up to 12 students will participate in classes at CCNY and fieldwork at the National Weather Service office on the Brookhaven National Laboratories campus on Long Island where they will study weather phenomena and conduct field observations. Visit for more information and to apply.
  • STEM Institute at CCNY
    A challenging academic enrichment program to prepare and encourage minority students in grades 9 through 11 to pursue careers in engineering, computer science, science, business management, entrepreneurship and mathematics. It runs June 28 to August 4. Call (212) 650-6190 or visit for more information and to apply.