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2009 Midwood Science Fair

Posted on Monday, June 1, 2009 by for Awards, Science Fair.

142 sophomores competed in the Midwood High School Science Fair on Thursday the 28th of May, 2009. They were judged by upperclassmen and alumni. This year was unique with over 40 students from robotics classes joining in the competition.


  1. Viktoriya Halkina
    The Secret Code!


  1. Nicole Ng & Alice Lu
    The Annihilation of the Flaming Pimples.
  1. Amy Guan
    Don’t Break!
  2. Olivia Berman
    Build a Wind Turbine!
  1. Rashed Siddique, Raza Alyas, Fuad Hamid
    Hybrid Slfdr-01.
  2. Alex Kostka & Afaque Naveed
    The Effect of Six Hand Sanitizers on Staphylococcus Epidermis.
  1. Steven Mirochnik
    Which Families of Plants Have the Greatest Propagative Abilities?
  2. Andy Feng
    The Effect of Magnets on Magnetic Recording Media.
  3. Linda Kaplun
    The Tangled Webs They Weave: A Study of the Strength of Spider Webs.
  1. Sasha Haracksingh & Rebecca Leger
    Indulge Yourself in Soap.
  2. Nathaly Ramirez & Ardiana Nikci
    I Can See Clearly Now!
  3. Albert Mei & Georgia Mavrogeorgis
    Auditory Memory of Males and Females.