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SUNY Albany Registration – Deadline Approaching Fast!

Posted on Monday, October 3, 2011 by for Juniors, Seniors, SUNY Albany.

The registration deadline for the SUNY Albany University in the High School Program (UHS) is this Thursday, October 6. Registration is done electronically through this website…

Seniors register for class CAS210, juniors for CAS110. Your instructor on the registration page is Mr. Rosenfeld. You need to register by Thursday or you cannot enter the program. You can always register now and change your mind later, but you can’t do the opposite. The enrollment process isn’t complete until payment is made. Information on how this is done will appear in a future email.

Remember, beyond the end of the year presentation to the SUNY Albany representative, there is no additional work required to receive college credit. What you do for your research class at Midwood is exactly the same as the work you do for the equivalent SUNY Albany class.

Mr. Rosenfeld and myself have a paper handout with more detailed instructions on it. Stop by and pick one up if you haven’t already done so.

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