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5 weeks to the Midwood Science Fair

Posted on Thursday, April 23, 2015 by for Science Fair.

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The Midwood Science Fair is only 5 weeks away. Right now as you read this the sophomore research students are diligently working on their projects, formulating hypotheses, and plotting the best way to gather and analyze data. The juniors and seniors are sharpening their metaphorical pencils as well as their literal questioning skills. The alumni judges are looking forward to seeing old friends at Midwood once again. The teachers are keeping their students focused. Everyone is coordinating their schedules to make sure they’re ready for Thursday, May 28, 2015.

Science Fair impresses onlookers

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The Annex’s was packed with hesitant judges and classrooms filled with edgy sophomores; This was the scene at the annual science fair on Thursday, May 29.

"The science fair left me speechless, literally," Amber Tucker ’16

Every year the sophomores of Science Research, who after taking a course crammed with experiments and presentations, are finally put to the test by showcasing their results at this highly anticipated event. With just under a month to find a project, test variables, and analyze experimentation, preparation for the science fair never fails in leaving students overwrought.

"It was really stressful getting here, but in the end, it was worth it," said Diane Ling ’16. "We learned valuable experiences in the process."

However, unlike every fair, there were many more alumni this year, giving predecessors a chance to relive their judging experiences.

"Being in research since sophomore year, Midwood Science has done so much for me," said Nicholas Lee, who graduated last year. "It was an honor to be able to come back and judge and also to see so many familiar faces in our research family. There were many great projects that I was impressed with and that goes to show the talent of our students that keeps the Midwood Research program going strong!"

Many senior research students had already judged last year, but the anticipation of this much too rare event never ceases to excite past participants.

"I definitely look forward to the science fair every year," said Kiara Nunez ’14. "It’s nice to see the new wave of students coming into research and presenting the projects. Plus, I always look forward to the food."

After viewing, listening and asking questions, the judges calculate a grade out of 60, or 70 for teams, based on presentation, research, data verification and more. Judging this year was an especially gratifying experience for juniors, who had the pleasure of being on the other side of things this year.

"Being able to judge instead of being the one presenting this year was really fun," said Jessica Yip ’15. "I finally got to see what we were being grading on and how the points were distributed. Seeing the sophomores so nervous reminded me of how I was last year."

The winners of the science fair are determined by their respective grades. Each participant gets a grade from five judges, but the highest grade and lowest grade are dropped in an effort to eliminate any extraneous decisions. The highest average of the three remaining grades takes home the first place, separately for individuals and teams, with each trailing grade winning second place, third place, or even an honorable mention. Despite the high levels of competition in the race for the trophy, the science fair is always a great time to learn interesting facts and meet new people.

"After the judging takes place and nerves have settled, the fair turns into a get-together where students and teachers socialize and just have a good time," said Nunez ’14. "The science fair gives research students from all three grades the opportunity to come together, which rarely happens."

In the eyes of the science faculty, this year’s science fair ran quite professionally.

"This year we had more alumni than ever before, nearly 60 versus the normal 30," said Mr. Glenn Elert. "We also had two professors serve as judges, Dr. Frank Grasso from the Psychology Department of Brooklyn College and Ms. Yara Adam from the Physics Department. The large number of alumni and guests made the judging process exceptionally smooth. It was great fun to see them all again and catch up on their lives after Midwood."

While some aspects of the event never change from year to year and others were quite better this time, everyone can agree that the science fair is a perfect blend of the intuition and creativity of science and school spirit.

"The science fair took patience, work and diligence, but paid off at the end," said Angela Christopher ’16.

Shanna Huang & Hussain Bokhari (Class of 2015)
This article originally appeared in the June 2014 edition of Argus.
Photos courtesy of Prianka Zaman (Class of 2013)
Line drawing by Nicole Ng (Class of 2011)

2014 Midwood Science Fair Results

Posted on Wednesday, June 11, 2014 by for Awards, Science Fair.

1st Place

Jessica Lin & Eileen Chen
Electrolytes in beverages.

Laila Akallal
Is the speed of light truly constant?

Mie Abouelkheir
The effects of microwave radiation on the growth of E. coli.

2nd Place

Gabriela Villagomez
Visual memory vs. Auditory memory.

Vanessa Mai

3rd Place

Noshin Hayat
The effect of antacids on the stomach.

Aisha Khoja
Comparing antacid potency.

Joshua Pilipovsky
A change in the winds: Bernoulli’s principle.

Honorable Mention

Bilal Azhar & Wendy Jiang
Effect of acidity and temperature on a fruit’s electric current.

Alexandra Gayle & Kai Saunders
What drinks contain the most electrolytes?

Vivian Ng & Ibraar Aziz
The effect of carbonated drinks on the human body.

Mohammed Chowdhury
Which antacid works the best?

Samera Arif
The effect of acidic citrus fruits and skin tone on henna stain.

Gabrielle Tolchinsky
Hydrogen peroxide’s effect on seed germination.


2014 Science Fair Abstract Book

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Abstract Book Cover

Save the Date

Posted on Thursday, May 15, 2014 by for Science Fair.


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2013 Midwood Science Fair Results

Posted on Wednesday, June 5, 2013 by for Awards, Science Fair.



  1. Hussain Bokhari
    Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells: The Future of Renewable Energy
  1. Bernice Pham & Johnny Warn
    Which Dish Detergent Is Most Effective?
  2. Jennifer Chen & Jason Zheng
    Does Shape Affect Parachutes?
  1. Jing Wei Hu
    Photons Action!
  2. Meghan Ng
    The Effect Environment and Medium on Germinating Radish Seeds
  1. Anthony Dacres & Levtrim Kelmendi
    Reaction Times of Different Pain Relievers in Acetic Acid
  2. Amy Chen & Yukie Wong
    Effectiveness of Zinc Oxide on Ultraviolet Radiation
  1. Jessica Yip
    The effectiveness of different types of wipes
  2. Bella Zilber
    Which product stains teeth the most? Coffee, Tea, Water, or Coke?
  3. Ester Shamailova
    The Strength of Glue
  1. Brian Choi & Ashley Tan
    The Effect of Liquid Hand Soap Against Staphylococcus epidermidis
  2. Jacky Cham & Richard Wu
    The Effects of High and Low pH on Radish Growth
  3. Dianna Roman & Valeriya Falkovich
    Which Brand of Toothpaste is Most Effective Against Staphylococcus?
  4. Kelly Tom & Eunice Lee
    Pearly Whites
  1. Olena Hadelia
    Which Vitamin C Has the Most Vitamin C?
  2. Lucy Lin
    Which Affects Your Heart More: Hard Rock or Soft Piano Music?
  3. Aarin Chase
    Acne Medication Effectiveness on Propionibacterium acne
  4. Syeda Hillary
    Are You Safe in School?
  5. Michael Divgun
    Do Frozen Foods or Canned Foods Have Better Nutritional Value?
  6. Emily Sokolson
    Amount of mold growth due to preservatives
  7. Stanley Purygin
    How different spices affect E. coli growth
  8. Sandra Lin
    Which Brand of Aluminum Foil Works Best?
  9. Raymond Lopez
    Bio Isolation of Caffeine from Tea
  10. Aleksey Ladina
  1. Dajana Reci & Anna Stafeyeva
    Grow Plants Grow!
  2. Zainab Iqbal & Marisol Morales
    Brain Dominance
  3. Tiffany Sanabia & Dominique Semple
    The Effect of Cocoa Powder on the Growth of Bacteria
  4. Nancy Li & Vivian Tan
    Speed Up!
  5. Hillary Yip & Karry Ho
    The Effect of the Amount of Fertilizer on Plant Growth
  6. Sandy Wu & Candice Zhong
    Chips on Fire!

2013 Science Fair Abstract Book

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Abstract Book Cover

The 2013 Midwood High School Science Fair is less than a month away

Posted on Sunday, May 5, 2013 by for Science Fair.

Mark your calendarsThursday, May 23, 2013, 3:00–5:00 PM

calendar event file
  • Sophomores
    • Bring something to eat or drink.
    • Participate as contestants.
    • Feast.
  • Juniors and Seniors
    • Bring something to eat or drink.
    • Help set up.
    • Participate as judges.
    • Feast.
    • Help clean up.
  • Alumni and Teachers
    • Participate as judges.
    • Feast.

2012 Midwood Science Fair Results

Posted on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 by for Awards, Science Fair.

And the winners are …



  1. Jennifer Lauv
    Electroculture: Does It Work?
  2. Almas Shafiq
    Testing Which Acne Product Is Most Effective Against Bacteria
  3. Allen Barbarovich
    Cellam Electrica
  1. Akeem Pinnock & Stanley Wong
    The Fibonacci Sequence: Solar Panels
  1. Elzyata Sangadzhiev
    Raw vs. Cooked Foods
  2. M. Tasnin Kabir
    Dirty Hands
  1. Jessica Lin & Noor Hasne
    The effectiveness of hand soaps against S. epidermis and E. coli
  2. Sammi Chung & Shirley Li
    Cleaning Agents
  1. Deniss Sivohins
    Stealthy Shapes: How to Make an Aircraft Invisible to Radar
  2. Alma Nesimi
    Grow Plants Grow!
  1. Kenne Yang & Jennifer Wu
    Kimchi Chemistry
  2. Stefanie Henry & Jessica Liang
    Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…
  3. Jeffrey Tsui & Yassine Kaouadji
    Which Meat is Toxic to Planaria?
  1. Shubh Rana
    Smile for the Camera
  2. Walter Farez
    The Colorful Perspective to Ameliorate Human Memory Recall
  3. Tasnim Halim
    The Effect of Music on Heartbeat
  1. Spencer Siu & David Cham
    Dirty Plants vs. Clean Plants
  2. Lubin Toussaint & Mark Goldman
    Calcium & Protein in Milk
  3. Stephanie Leung & Jocelyn Chiu
    Variations of the Stroop Effect: Males vs. Females

2012 Science Fair Abstract Book

Posted on Monday, May 21, 2012 by for Science Fair.

Abstract Book Cover

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